Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just to let everyone know, I haven't abandoned the blog. On the contrary, I recently dropped my camera. :/ some of you know that I have been looking for a new camera anyway because the one I have doesn't really get the real color of the polish(even with good light and fiddling with all the options). it still works, but now its nearly impossible to take pictures of my nails because the LCD screen its black. which makes it  impossible to even get a bad shot. sucks because I've had some really nice manicures lately! I promise that if I can't get a new camera soon, I will suck it up and make do.

Mom recently has been looking at various astrology and says that the reason I can't get over the bad camera thing is because I was born the Chinese year of the rooster. she also thinks that's why I'm obsessive over my nails in the first place and I think I'm right all the time (-_-;).

In the mean time, I have fallen in love with china glaze sun kissed. I had seen  the polishaholics post for the 2012 summer line and liked what I saw. but since I live in such a remote area I have to wait in order to be sure the salons would have what I was looking for. so here we are, weeks later and I am running around town looking for these polishes. the last place I was going to look was sally's because here they are slower than molasses in January. But low and behold they had....only three out of the collection...I was disappointed to say the least.

 The three that were available were Under the boardwalk, Pink Plumeria, and sun kissed. I didn't want under the boardwalk because I have a polish very similar to it from sinful colors and it has had quality issues, there being two shades of the same color and all. And after looking at Pink Plumeria in the bottle it didn't look like anything special to me. I DID buy sun kissed though, because it happened to be the one I had really wanted anyway and it looked nice. I got the last bottle <3. Its beautiful, It looks great in the sun and shade which sometimes doesn't happen with a yellow polish. I would recommend it to almost everyone, possibly not someone with lighter skin but who knows? It might still work.

 After seeing Sun Kissed on I am tempted to go back and buy a bottle of Pink Plumeria, I think my decision making may have been colored by my disappointment they didn't have the rest of the collection.

well in the meantime if you want to look at swatches of these colors you can look at the polishaholics beautiful swatches here. Or check out your own Chinese astrology sign here.